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marianne galassini - vocals & guitar

mike g - bass & vocals

chris peterson - drums & vocals

todd rusin - guitars & more guitars


Band bios are ridiculous. This is ours:


We are humble, so we use 'magna', the latin word for 'great', rather than just calling ourselves 'great'. Subtle.  We use sounds, so we are 'phonic': <pho·​nic | \ ˈfä-ni>  of, relating to, or producing sound. And we think songs are some sort of mysterious, elusive and magical way of telling stories by fusing our words and sounds. 

magnaphonic is about songs. We try to write melodies that get stuck in your head like bubblegum gets stuck in your hair. Some are fast and silly, some are slow and thoughtful and some are hard to describe or have meanings even we don't fully understand. Isn't that life? We find ourselves telling stories that are not yet finished, whose meanings we don't yet grasp, and have loose endings with resolutions yet to be determined. 


We live in Chicago and for a time we were known as The Valley Downs. In addition to shows here in our hometown, we have played in NY, Nashville, London, Liverpool, Milwaukee, Madison, Los Angeles and other less known but definitely worthy ports. We hope to see your smiling faces in person very soon. 


chris and todd
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