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lucky day magnaphonic typewriter.jpg
Lucky Day - magnaphonic
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lucky day - produced by calderisi

this must be my lucky day

the sun won't shine, i don't like it anyway

this confession will not do

i have not sinned, at least not with you

sorry magnaphonic.jpg
Sorry - magnphonic
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sorry - produced by mike g & george langis

i've been first and last,a little lost and a little mad

don't ask me why, i don't know

i'm sorry but it's time to go

better magnaphonic.jpg
Better - magnaphonic
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better - produced by mike g & george langis

every day gets a little better

you know i'll see this through

we'll jump and see where we land

daydream maganphonic.jpg
Daydream - magnaphonic
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daydream - produced by calderisi 

there's a lot of people living on the street​

there's a lot of people i'd like you to meet

magnaphonic cavern.jpg
For No One - The Beatles - magnaphonic
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for no one  - produced by calderisi 

recorded for bbc merseyside

yes, we played the freakin' cavern club!

Prison (Ain't No Fun For A Girl) - magnaphonic
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prison (work in progress)  - produced by calderisi

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